Are you ready to create a profitable Instagram page, but have no idea where to start?

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Regardless of whether you’ve already got an Instagram page, or have been thinking about starting one for longer than you’d like to admit.

Instagram can be totally overwhelming -

The algorithm is confusing! Plus you feel like Instagram is already so saturated. And do you even have any value to offer?

I get it. You’re super busy juggling client work and (likely) multiple jobs, whilst still trying to maintain a social life, so finding time to create an Instagram page feels like a bit of an impossible task at the moment.

Plus, what would people say?

If you found yourself resonating with this, then you sound like a lot of health professionals that I've met; myself included…

Or worse - what if you spent all your time trying to build an Instagram page, only for it to be a complete flop?

I used to be just like you.

Before making the transition to online marketing, I ran a successful online business where I saw clients in my online clinic, worked with some of Australia’s leading brands on social media, featured regularly in the media as an expert in my field and launched a chart topping podcast titled NakedChats.


Almost every opportunity that was afforded to me in my previous business - the client enquiries, brand work, media opportunities, podcasting success - were all the result of having an Instagram page. 

I'll just let that sink in.

These opportunities were not afforded to me because I was special though. They were afforded to be because I was one of only a small group of health professionals willing to put their face out there on Instagram.

There's no denying it. Instagram is a seriously powerful marketing tool - you've just got to know how to use it properly, which is where my newest creation comes in...

A dietitian turned online marketing strategist, and cocktail enthusiast.

Hey, I'm Rachel!

My secret? Instagram.


The six week course that will teach you how to create a profitable Instagram page - one that attracts paying clients fast, and gets your face in front of brands so that you can help more people, have more impact, and generate more money within your business.

Gramtini will take you from feeling overwhelmed and scared to show your face online, to creating a profitable Instagram page that attracts paying clients fast and gets your face in front of brands so that you can help more people, have more impact and generate more money within your business. It does this following a simple, step-by-step roadmap that will save you time and guesswork, allowing you to focus on the stuff that really matter to you.

Zero fluff included. I only teach you the stuff you need to know to get the results you want in the fastest way possible.

designed with a focus on implementation

I take the guesswork out of Instagram by giving you a step-by-step roadmap to follow. No wasted time or money. Just intentional, strategic action.

prioritises strategy and intention over guesswork

No dodgy growth strategies or pushy sales tactics involved. I'm all about authenticity in marketing and creating personal, human ties between your brand and customers.

focuses on growing your business through connection

Gramtini is different to other courses...

I've built profitable Instagram pages for both myself and other businesses in the health space, so I know what works and what doesn't. 

designed by a health professional for health professionals

The community group offers a place to connect with your peers, ask questions and give and receive feedback.

24/7 access to your peers

Confused? Want feedback? Struggling with a mindset hurdle? These calls are designed for troubleshooting!

Live weekly
Zoom Q+A calls

So you can ask questions in real time, seek out clarification on the spot and let me know where you need more support.

Live weekly
Zoom lessons

What you get when you join...

Instagram is always changing. Rest easy knowing you'll be able to navigate these with lifetime access to all future course updates.

Lifetime access + future updates


Develop a unique brand identity to help you stand out from your competitors online.

Identify a niche area you're passionate about to strengthen your brand.
Get crystal clear on who you are and whom you are trying to reach.

Set actionable goals to inform the development of a strategy that will get you results quickly.

week one


Developing your stand-out brand and pin-pointing your audience

Getting clear on your messaging and crafting your stand-out strategy

week two


Writing an Instagram bio that converts.

Debunking the Instagram algorithm so that you can use it to your advantage.

Get crystal clear on your brand message to ensure that you're talking in a language your audience understands.

Craft a stand-out strategy that puts you ahead of the competition

Streamline your entire content creation process so you can create content quickly and simply.

Brainstorm content ideas so you're never stuck for ideas on what to create.

Tips and tricks for creating thumb-stopping content.

Learn to write captions that convert (without feeling salesy).

week THREE


Creating killer content
that converts

Optimising your growth and performance on Instagram

week four


Learn how to interpret your analytics so that you can create more of the content your audience loves.

Optimise the discoverability of your content to ensure that you reach more people online.

Discover how to find your dream clients.

Strategies for sky-rocketing your engagement and building trust and connection with your audience.

Discover how to set rates for your services and feel confident in charging for your worth.

Learn how to successfully pitch to brands and score aligned partnerships.

Swipe my media kit and pitch email.

Learn how to link your booking system to Instagram so that your audience can book in for a consultation straight from your profile.

week five


Mastering your

Refining your strategy and
path to insta-success

week six


Discover how to keep growing and leveraging your Instagram to scale your business.

Optimise your ongoing strategy and workflow so that you're working smarter, not harder.

Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome and feel confident showing your face online.

Here's what you can expect to learn over the six-weeks...

Can you imagine how it would feel if...

You had notifications pinging in your DM's from your ideal customer or an aligned brand.

You were recognised as an expert in your field.

You were being approached for speaking opportunities or comment in the media.

You felt confident enough to show your face online.

You had additional revenue coming into your business from Instagram, helping you to create more financial stability in your business.

All of this is possible through Instagram!

christina Mollenhauer

"Your masterclass not only inspired me to be more confident online, but it also gave me the tools to monetise my influence and double my online revenue!" 

Transformation 1 

mollie caughey-wade

“I am now living the dream working in the nutrition field full-time, and I wouldn't be there without Rachel's help. I honestly could not recommend her enough!”

Transformation 2 

millie padula

“Not only am I now securing long term partnerships and therefore making a more steady income, but I am also proud to admit that for the first time in a very long time I have been confidently refusing to partake in ‘free’ work!”

Transformation 3

Alice Bleathman

"Rachel has been an incredible mentor. I've grown my Instagram audience to over 10K followers organically, my engagement has sky-rocketed and the majority of my clients now come from Instagram. Life changing!"

Transformation 4

raquel rebelo

"Rachels infectious energy and warm nature makes her the perfect mentor. She's full of knowledge and insight, but in the same breath, is incredibly down to earth and relatable. I couldn't recommend her more!"

Transformation 5

Kind Words

You already have a solid Instagram strategy in place and are happy with the revenue that is being generated from your page.

You just want to learn how to build a profitable Instagram page, rather than actually doing it.

You’re someone who learns best on your own.

You just want to create an Instagram page and be done with it.

gramtini is not the right fit if:

You want to reach more people online but have no idea where to start

You don’t have a big marketing budget or time to waste on guesswork

You’re in the early days of building your business and finding your niche.

You have an existing business and/or are on Instagram but are not seeing the results that you want.

You have a history of getting stuck in ‘planning’ mode and need support to take action.

gramtini is the right fit if:

My guess is that if you've made it all the way down here, you're probably still wondering whether Gramtini is the right fit for you...

The only thing you have to do is attend the live calls or watch the recordings, and show me that you’ve done the homework.

If you don’t feel like Gramtini is giving you the knowledge, support, and accountability you need to build a profitable Instagram page, then just email me by 29th June and I’ll give you your money back. 

14 day money back guarentee

still unsure?

The weekly lessons are on Tuesday's at 7am AEST, and the weekly Q+A calls are on Friday's at 8am AEST.

what times are the live lessons and q+a calls each week?


No stress! All of the weekly lessons and Q+A calls will be recorded for you to watch at a time that suits you. You won't be disadvantaged by not attending the live Q+A calls either as you'll be able to submit questions prior to the calls each week.

what happens if i can't make it to any of the live calls?


Gramtini runs from June 15 to July 23, 2021. You will have lifetime access to all the recordings so that you can watch (or re-watch) them whenever you like.

when does the course start and end?


Frequently asked questions

If you are an Accredited Practicing Dietitian then yes, Gramtini can be used as hours towards your annual CPD requirements. If you are a dietitian outside of Australia, please check with your countries governing body.  

i'm a dietitian. Will gramtini contribute towards my annual cpd hours?


Yes. Gramtini is suitable for all aspiring health professionals too! While you are studying is the perfect time to start thinking about building a brand through Instagram. 

I'm a student. will the course be suitable for me?


Yes. Gramtini is suitable for both traditional and alternative or complementary health practitioners. 

is this course suitable for all health professions?


Nope! Gramtini teaches you how to build a profitable Instagram page organically which means no ad spend is necessary. All of the apps I recommend have free versions that are perfect to get you started on your Instagram journey. 

i don't have a big budget, are there any other costs involved?


Due to the wide variety of health professions that will enrol in Gramtini, it is not feasible for this information to be included in the course. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are up to date with the expectations around code of conduct on social media within your profession.

does the course include information on code of conduct  for health professionals on instagram?


You will have lifetime access to all course content PLUS I'm even promising to give you access to all future course updates too!

how long will i have access to the course content?


If you have. question that hasn't been answered here, please contact

i still have a question...


I can not guarantee anyones results on Instagram because your results are highly dependant on the work you put in outside of the course. If you are willing to adopt a beginners mindset and learn a new approach to Instagram, then Gramtini may support you in achieving better results on Instagram.

I have an instagram page but want better results. will gramtini help me?


There are a lot of benefits to joining Gramtini in the founders round. For starters, all the calls will be happening live which means I will be hands on with everyone who joins. The course will also run like a group program, rather than a self directed online course. Plus you'll also be joining at a never to be repeated founders price.

i'm busy over june/july? should i just wait and join next round?