Through my digital courses and services, I expertly teach health professionals how to market their businesses online without overwhelm so that they can grow their audience, make more money and become the go-to expert in their industry. I’m also the host of NakedChats - the podcast where, unlike the name suggests, clothes are worn at all times. 

Hey, I’m Rachel! 

Dietitian turned online marketing strategist and margarita enthusiast, helping health professionals reach more people, have more impact, and achieve game-changing results in their businesses. 

I always knew that I wanted to do something different.

there had to be another way

After graduating as a dietitian, I felt disheartened by the job prospects ahead of me and often found myself wondering whether that was it. The traditional mode of service delivery felt outdated. I watched my colleagues juggle multiple jobs just to make ends meet, sinking costs in travel and rent, and couldn’t help but think... 

Within one year my clinic books were full, I had a chart-topping podcast, I was working with some of Australia’s leading brands on social media, and I was featuring regularly in the media as an authority in my field.

And worked entirely online as a means to reach more people and reduce the overhead costs associated with running a traditional practice. Like most health professionals, my primary goal was to help people. But second to this was a desire to make a name for myself in the online health space.

I decided to start my own nutrition consulting business...

I pressed pause on my business to work full time in online marketing, investing all my time and energy into learning everything I could before coming back and implementing this within my own business.

Mistakes like engaging in collaborations without contracts, saying ‘yes’ to work opportunities that weren't aligned with my brand, and implementing an Instagram strategy that got me blocked for over a year (yep, apparently that can happen).

My mistakes provided my biggest learnings though, as they helped me to identify the areas within my business that needed most attention. Among those was a need to learn more about online marketing and the strategies that could be used to grow and scale my business.

but I also made a lot of mistakes

I wasn’t a dietitian anymore, I was a marketer - and I was ready to share everything that I had learned with other health professionals looking to shake things up in their industry too (minus the mistakes, dah).

It was everything I had always dreamed of.

And just as everything was taking off (and I was getting ready to celebrate with a salty margs), I realised that I had built the wrong business.

I secured a 14K brand deal
My podcast hit number two on Apple Podcast's Business charts
I generated $15K off the launch of my first digital product
My inbox was pinging with work opportunities from aligned brands

I secured a 14K brand deal

My podcast hit number two on
Apple Podcast's Business charts

I generated $15K off the launch of my first digital product

My inbox was pinging with work opportunities from aligned brands

Within 6 months (and with a solid strategy in place), my business gained momentum.

It only takes one idea to change the world



A cocktail isn't the only thing best shaken up



A little bit of kindness goes a long way



Connection is the foundation for serving



Things I believe


"Your masterclass not only inspired me to be more confident online, but it also gave me the tools to monetise my influence and double my online revenue!" 


“I am now living the dream working in the nutrition field full-time, and I wouldn't be there without Rachel's help. I honestly could not recommend her enough!”

millie padula

“Not only am I now securing long term partnerships and therefore making a more steady income, but I am also proud to admit that for the first time in a very long time I have been confidently refusing to partake in ‘free’ work!”

alice bleathman

"Rachel has been an incredible mentor. I've grown my Instagram audience to over 10K followers organically, my engagement has sky-rocketed and the majority of my clients now come from Instagram. Life changing!"

raquel rebelo

"Rachels infectious energy and warm nature makes her the perfect mentor. She's full of knowledge and insight, but in the same breath, is incredibly down to earth and relatable. I couldn't recommend her more!"

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