Hey, I’m Rachel

Cocktail enthusiast, brand builder and digital marketing strategist for health professionals who are ready to market their businesses online and grow their brands - in their own way.

Just like a cocktail, I believe that every health professional has their own unique twist. And I am here to help you discover yours.

Through a simple mix of strategy, brand and marketing, I help health professionals *just like you* build brands with a twist and market these online with ease to build profitable and sustainable businesses they genuinely love.

my story

My story doesn’t begin where most marketing experts do. 

It began in 2018 when as an eager new graduate dietitian, I decided to start a business. Yes, that's right. I used to be a health professional - just like you. 

Full of hope and enthusiasm, I launched a virtual business where I made a living working with clients online and partnering with leading health and wellness brands to write nutrition articles, develop recipes and create content for social media campaigns.

At the time, I was one of a small group of health professionals pursuing a unique career path such as this, and truth be told, it was an isolating experience. 

I felt judged and looked down upon by my colleagues and was frustrated by the lack of transparency and business support available in my industry. 

I lacked clarity in who I was as a brand, so found myself continuously chasing shiny objects and work opportunities that left me feeling unfulfilled.

I spent all of my time making content for social media without knowing if I was even reaching my ideal clients.

I didn’t know how to market my business online so relied on Google to answer questions like ‘how do I grow my brand?’

And I was stressed and confused about how to build a profitable business that had a consistent cash flow.

I hated the business I had built. I was unhappy and disgruntled by the dietetic industry. And I was constantly second-guessing my career choice. 

And while I didn’t know where to next, I knew that the only way to discover this would be to step away from my business completely. So, that’s exactly what I did.

I accepted a full-time role working in digital marketing and spent the good part of a year being a sponge.

But it wasn’t until 2020 rolled around that things changed. We saw a huge shift in the way that healthcare services were being delivered and suddenly, those that were once resistant to utilising the online space as a means to deliver their services and market their businesses were now recognising the benefits of doing so.

I knew that more practitioners would want to start their own businesses and rely on the digital space to build their brands.

I knew that brick-and-mortar clinics would view having a digital presence as a necessity, rather than a nicety, in order to grow their businesses to new heights.

And I knew that they would need someone to help them achieve this.

It was at this point that I knew this would be the new normal moving forward.

The result? Burnout.

That someone was me.

Fast forward to today and I have worked with over 250 health professionals through my online courses and services to grow their brands and market their businesses online with ease.

My mission? To be the leading digital destination for brand and digital marketing in the healthcare industry so that I can help health professionals *just like you* build profitable and sustainable businesses they love, whilst having a bit of fun along the way.

Regardless of where you are in your business journey, I’m here to provide you with the confidence, support and know-how to take that first or next step toward marketing your business online and building a unique brand you are proud of, in your own way.


Sipping on Success

A four-part private podcast series that will help you break through your business plateau by spilling the secrets to growing a profitable health brand and marketing your business consistently online, one sip at a time.

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My favourite cocktail is a coconut chilli margarita

Reality television is my guilty pleasure

If I could only take one item on a deserted island it would be my lipgloss

I’m a sucker for big dogs (there’s just more to love)

"Rachel honestly feels like a team member within your business due to the investment, time and energy she so openly gives - she really goes above and beyond to see and help you succeed!"

Brand values

Because ‘same-same’ never created real impact. I’m here to disrupt the norm and show you that there is not only one way to do things. I’ll always teach you the most effective and strategic digital marketing tactics for the health industry and strive to always challenge your mindset and thinking to help you build a brand you love, in your own unique way.

Disrupt the Norm

As a genuine, friendly and honest human, I treat my client's brands as my own and will always act with your best interests at heart. I don’t believe in minimising or competing with others - in life or in business, and will always bring positivity, warmth and kindness to every interaction. I value real, human connection with my clients and online community and am here because I want to empower you to succeed on your journey to building a successful brand.

Be a Good Human

Collaboration, community and creativity are at the heart of what I do. Just like the cocktail in my hand suggests, I like to have fun and rarely follow the rules. I’m a creative, forward-thinking marketer who is always striving for innovation and brand growth, and have a goal to empower you to do the same. I’ll show you the fun and breezy way to success (and celebrate your wins along the way) by encouraging you to think outside the box and push your own boundaries to build a profitable and sustainable business you love.

Whoop it Up

"From the get-go, Rachel was so invested in my business, ideas and vision. After every meeting I grew more and more excited about what we were building together and how my ideas were becoming more of a reality".