Ready to shake up the perfect marketing cocktail for your brand, stirred for profitable success? 

Learn the exact ingredients to build a digital marketing system that converts your *dream clients* like a breeze and sets your business up for success in a way that feels good to you

A twelve week marketing experience for health professionals

An effective, digital marketing system will provide you with the exact ingredients you need to create profitable, sustainable success in your business. Just think of it as a cocktail that has the perfect mix of *coconut and spicy tequila* to hit the sweet spot.

Just like your clients need a plan to create healthy sustainable changes, your business needs the same thing - a simple system to follow.

A marketing system, is like a treatment plan for your business 

- pour a drink and pull up a seat

You’re here because you have a passion to help people and the best way you can do that is by finding your own unique twist.

If you’re a Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Speech Pathologist, or *insert health professional here* and you’re ready to build a profitable business on your terms then

You didn’t start your online business, just to be like every other health professional out there did you? 

Your business isn’t growing as smoothly as you would like, and that magic word called ‘profit’ seems very out of reach

Your messaging feels inconsistent and unclear and you’re not sure what’s missing

You want to attract more of your dream clients - and be the expert, health professional they think of and go to without hesitation, but you’re not sure how to get there

Because right now, things feel a little bit harder than they should be. 

But you also know things could be easier and more effortless when it comes to your marketing and most importantly, you want to market your business in a way that feels good to you.

Now, I know you’re here because you *love* your business - being a health professional and helping your clients brings you *so much joy*

You’ve done the Instagram course to market your business, you’ve downloaded the free resources to learn ‘all the tech’ and you’ve attended live webinars to learn how to ‘master your message and attract your dream clients’

But with a tasty cocktail, mixed with the exact ingredients you need to serve clear, consistent marketing you could convert your dream clients with ease and build a profitable business you love. 

Not knowing if your message is talking to your dream clients
Not knowing how to market your brand without googling ‘how do I market beyond Instagram’

And feeling confused and clueless when it comes to creating more profit in your business

But you’re still left unsure, overwhelmed and in the same position.

Have brand clarity and a consistent messaging so you know exactly how to communicate your value

Discover your own unique twist to attract your dream clients - on your own terms

Develop a suite of marketing systems that supports business growth

Gain the confidence and know-how to build a profitable brand, that’s tastier than a Tommy’s margarita. 

A digital marketing system will set your business up for success so you can:

And, I’m here to help you do the same.

Launch online courses and digital products with ease and flow

Connect with my audience and serve them content in a way that feels good to me

Effortlessly produce a popular podcast, that brings me joy rather than overwhelm

Wake up everyday and *love* what I do 

It’s allowed me to:

I believe discovering your unique twist and serving it to your clients is and always will be your greatest marketing asset and I’m here to help you do just that. 
The magic ingredient to my success since becoming a digital marketing strategist? Developing a sustainable marketing system.

Margarita enthusiast and digital marketing strategist for health professionals who are ready to market their business online and grow their brand - in their own way.

Hey, I'm Rachel.

If you’re ready to turn your online business into a profitable, health brand and start attracting clients you only ever *dreamed*of working with, and having a little (a lot of) fun along the way.

Let me introduce...

To help 1,000 health professionals create profitable businesses and grow their brands with ease, in their own way. 

my mission?

A 12-week experience for health professionals that will teach you the exact ingredients to build a digital marketing system that converts your *dream clients* like a breeze and sets your business up for success in a way that feels good to you. 

To save you time, effort and overwhelm, so that you can market your business like a breeze, time and time again and achieve profitable success. 

Served with a modern-marketing framework

Markerita will help you develop a clear, defined unique selling point to stand out online and convert the *client of your dreams*

Mixed with a unique twist

Markerita delivers a brand-transformation that can be poured (read: repeated) time and time again - because you’ll learn the valuable skill, missing from your business: the ability to think like a marketer in the modern health world. 

An experience you haven't yet seen

You’ll learn how to think like a modern-marketer so you can effortlessly grow your business on your terms, in your own way - stirred with your unique twist.

It's a marketing course experience for those who like their margaritas shaken, not stirred. For the ambitious and driven health professional who is ready for it all.

Markerita isn’t just another marketing program that’ll show you the “how” only for you to feel like you’re learning another rinse and repeat method that doesn’t actually work for your industry. It’s an experience that will teach you the exact ingredients you need to build a marketing system for your business - that works for you.

Markerita will provide you with everything you need to know to attract your dream client, over and over again, and build a profitable business you genuinely love. 

Bonus masterclasses delivered by myself and my favourite experts to support you in marketing and growing your business online.

Access to a closed community group of like-minded health professionals to support you on your course journey. Here, you’ll also find (actionable) sips and tips that I’ll share along the way.

Content data base of additional  resources to help you achieve profitable business success.

Challenges to keep you motivated during your course experience

Weekly video lessons and supporting resources that focus on strategic action - to set your business up for sustainable, profitable success

9 x live group calls to answer all of your burning marketing questions, help you overcome roadblocks and support you in taking action *minus the feeling of stuck, uncertainty and overwhelm*

Tech tutorials of my recommended website, email and content marketing systems so that you can implement your digital marketing plan with ease. 

this is what it looks like...

The biggest secret to mixing this marketing cocktail? You’ll actually learn how to think like a modern-marketer. No copy and paste and rinse and repeat strategies here. Instead? A modern-marketer-health-professional who is ready to serve their client’s with their very own unique twist. 

Melissa Williams, Physiotherapist and Co-Founder of Zebras Australia

"I found Markerita at a time where my business was growing, but I had no real system in place for our marketing. Previously, marketing our business felt time-consuming and exhausting.

Enrolling in Markerita has changed the trajectory of my business in just three short months. The course has allowed me to refine and clarify our brand messaging and systematise our marketing. Rachel's generosity and passion for supporting healthcare professionals to understand and implement marketing principles is inspiring and I can safely say I feel very confident now in spruiking our message to the world because of her".

Markerita changed the trajectory of my business.

Aimee O'Shea, Paediatric Nutritionist and Founder of Little Bean Nutrition

"I joined Markerita as I find marketing really complex and tricky to wrap my brain around. I had also recently started an online membership and was really unclear on how I should be marketing this. As a graduate of Gramtini, I new Markerita would be amazing and it was. I honestly wouldn't trust anyone else to guide me through marketing my business - Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and I love that she has experience in the health care industry as this is incredibly valuable. Since joining Markerita, I have so much more clarity around how to sell my products, it gave me the confidence to re-design my website and gave me a clear direction on how to juggle content creation across all aspects of my business". 

I knew Markerita would be amazing, and it was.

Rebecca Norris, Dietitian and Founder of Plantful Pregnancy

"I joined Markerita because I was struggling to convey the value of my programs and services leaving me feeling like I was missing something, frustrated and confused at why my business wasn't growing. 

Since joining Markerita, I have refined my messaging and can now actually articulate how working with me is going to benefit my ideal client. I have seen a big increase in enquiries both on Instagram and online, and a boost in engagement on Instagram. I also feel confident marketing my business moving forward using the frameworks Rachel teaches inside Markerita."

I've seen a big increase in enquiries and engagement!

Vivienne Law, Mental Health Nurse and Founder of a Mindful Mind

"Before I joined Markerita I didn't know who I was or who I wanted to help which meant that I was constantly struggling with consistent and clear messaging and struggled with content creation. Markerita has helped me in these areas and so much more. It forced me to pause and take a good step back from my business and look at it through the lens of my clients. The format of the course and how the lessons and activities were delivered were exceptional. The activity sheets were detailed and just what I needed. And the support received via the Facebook group was next level. I am so much clearer about my business and where things are headed and feel more motivated and confident to put myself and A Mindful Mind out there".

I feel so much clearer and confident in my brand.

Christina Mollenhauer, Eating Disorder Dietitian

"I joined Markerita because I felt unclear in how to take my business to the next stage of growth and knew this course would be the answer to developing a sustainable business model that allowed myself to work in line with my values. Before starting, I struggled with knowing how to market my business online, attract clients and was confused about my messaging. I was blown away with the amount of detail throughout the course and have walked away with more clarity in my brand and increased growth both on social media and within my business. Rachel has truely gone above and beyond to provide resources to equip us with the tools to grow our businesses and doing it along side others has been such a big support". 

My business and social media has grown.

Sam Woodland, Podiatrist and Founder of Momentum Podiatry

"I joined Markerita after feeling overwhelmed by social media and not sure what would give my business results. I felt I needed systems and advice moving forward. Not only did I gain this, but the course exceeded all of my expectations. I wish I had done this before launching my business, however, what I have learnt is that there is always time to change direction and the process's Rachel has taught means that I can continue to revaluate my brand strategy and marketing plan as my business evolves. Rachel provided ongoing support throughout the entire course and I was always so impressed with her ability to ask thought provoking questions, give off the cuff feedback and have a laugh in our live calls".

The course exceeded all of my expectations.

Holly Arnold, Weight Loss Nutritionist and Founder of Holly Arnold Nutrition

"I decided to join Markerita because I was feeling at a complete standstill with my business. I had reached the point of it being a successful part-time job, but I had no idea how to grow so I could step away from my other work and transition to working for myself full-time.

Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and the program she has created has surpassed all my expectations. I can't believe how much I've grown over the past 12 weeks and how much clarity I have gained. Not only do I now have a clear plan for the future and the tools and knowledge I need to execute it, but I also feel excited about my business again."

I can't believe how much I've grown over 12-weeks.

Beryl Smith, Dietitian and Co-Founder of Revitalized Counseling

"Since joining Markerita, my business has progressed tremendously. When I first had an idea to start a business, I thought I was just going to have a general nutrition private practice that had no true niche or plan. Now, I have a niche, an ideal customer, a brand identity, and a clear vision for my business and my online marketing strategy.

It is so exciting to see how much has changed in the past 12 weeks. This course has provided me with so much hope for the future of my business which will launch in Spring 2023!

Markerita provided me with hope for the future.

past clients are saying...

Before we can mix the perfect marketing cocktail, we need to establish the ingredients we’re serving: our brand foundations. 

In phase one, you’ll craft a vision and mission for your business, identify your brand values and profile your ideal customer. You’ll walk away from this phase with more clarity in your brand and a deep understanding of exactly who you’ll be talking to through your marketing activities.

Establishing Your Brand Base 

phase one

Then? You’ll discover which kind of cocktail you’ll be shaking - stirred, classic or on the rocks, or as we like to call - uncovering your unique twist.

In phase two, you’ll get clear on what makes your business unique so that you can stand out online and get noticed by your ideal customers. You’ll walk away from this phase knowing exactly how to communicate your value with confidence and articulate how your business is uniquely positioned to best support your customers through the development of a clear brand message. 

Uncovering Your Unique Twist

phase two

Next? You’ll learn how to think like a modern-marketer by developing an understanding of consumer behaviour, the bow-tie marketing funnel and your customer's buyers journey with your business. The result? Achieving marketing success, over and over again. 

In phase three, you’ll learn the exact purpose of your marketing activities so that you can decide which ones are right for you (and not) so that you can build a sustainable marketing system for your business. Then? You’ll consider how you can elevate your brand experience to improve the lifetime value of your customer.

The Digital Marketing Ecosystem

phase three

This module also includes a super-sweet masterclass from my favourite brand expert and ShowIt design partner, Emma Troy on ‘How to Design a High Converting Website'.

Learn how to build out and implement the perfect digital marketing framework for your business with all of the tools you need to succeed. 

In phase four, you’ll learn how to strategically market your business online through your website, emails and content so that you can consistently nurture your audience and drive profit into your business. 

By the end of this phase? You’ll know exactly how to develop a content marketing plan for your business, design and send emails in Flodesk (and Kajabi), and build your own website in Showit.

Building Your Digital Marketing Framework 

phase four

Last? Master the garnish for your cocktail: the systems you need to streamline your marketing activities for long-lasting impact and better results. 

In our last module, you’ll learn how to interpret key analytics to continuously refine your marketing plan, implement different systems to streamline your process and gain access to my “Little Black Book of Experts” to support you in bringing your systems and marketing activities to life (when you are ready, of course). 

Implementing Sustainable Marketing Systems

phase five

Not another marketing course or template that isn’t going to support the future growth of your business. I will personally coach you through every question, roadblock and challenge along the way, because I believe in you.

Markerita is your cocktail of ingredients to master digital marketing in a breeze.

You deserve to be seen, heard and attract the clients of your dreams and you deserve to *change the world and celebrate your unique value*. 

Let’s shake up your brand and serve your business with profitable success. 

You didn’t spend all those years at uni to help people live healthier, happier lives just to sit in overwhelm, disappointment and uncertainty because you’re unsure how to reach more people and make your business worthwhile.

To the ambitious health professional who loves what they do, (and is brilliant at it, too) but doesn’t have the know-how to create a profitable business online without googling, “How do I find my dream clients”.

A cashflow friendly payment plan

$870 AUD

3 Monthly Payments

most popular

Save up to $260 when you pay in full

$2500 AUD

One Time Payment

 best value

An economical payment plan

$460 AUD

6 Monthly Payments

start for less

Madison Sanford | Dietitian

"I now have 55 subscribers on my email list (half coming from my lead magnet), 1000 followers on Instagram and I made $2000 in my first month of business working very part-time. Exciting to reflect on!"

$2K generated in her first month of business

Penny Blunden | Paediatric Nurse

"Since working with you, my business revenue has increased each month, and the difference in my income between August and November is double! Things just seem to be getting so much more consistent which is exciting".

Revenue doubled in 3 months

Holly Arnold | Nutritionist

"I created a post after our coaching call using some of the ideas we spoke about in the back of my mind. Within an hour I sold four courses! So, it seems your methods are amazeballs".

Four courses sold within an hour of posting on Instagram

real results from real clients

The Spicy Markerita Experience is an application only offer and requires an additional investment of $3500 AUD inclusive of GST (payment plans available). 

A 30-minute onboarding call to talk about where your brand is currently and set some goals and objectives for our time together. You can also use this call to ask any burning questions about the course.

5 x 60-minute one-on-one strategy sessions where we can work through any roadblocks relating to your weekly tasks and you can seek personalised feedback and support from me.

Voxer voice message access to me every Tue-Thu so that you can ask questions in between sessions and pick my brain whenever you like.

A 60-minute Markerita Refill to review your performance and refine your ongoing strategy once you’ve gone live with your new brand, website, email and content marketing plan (must be claimed within 3 months of the course ending).

This VIP garnish to your marketing cocktail includes:

For a limited time only, you can upgrade to my exclusive VIP Spicy Markerita Experience to receive 1:1 support throughout your course experience to make your marketing even spicier. 

Fancy your Markerita a little spicy?

This experience is an application-only offer and is limited to three-people only so that I can provide a VIP, hands-on, strategic experience, just like you would expect from a coconut infused, spicy margarita.

After joining Markerita, you will be asked whether you would like to apply for the VIP Spicy Markerita Experience. If yes, simply complete the application form linked on that webpage and follow the instructions provided.

"How does the VIP Spicy Markerita Experience work?"

Yes! This is the only way that you can apply for the VIP Spicy Markerita Experience. After joining Markerita, you will be taken to a webpage containing a link to the application form. This offer will only be available to three people, once these positions have been filled this offer will be closed. 

“Can I apply for this VIP experience once I have purchased Markerita?”

You will have 1:1 access to me via Zoom during our calls and via Voxer in business hours between Tuesday-Thursday every week for 12 weeks. This is currently the only way I offer 1:1 access to my marketing-brain, so it’s a pretty sweet (read: spicy) offer. 

“How often will I have access to you as part of this VIP experience?”

your questions answered

When the opportunity presented itself to work with Rachel 1:1 I knew it was divine timing and the thing I needed to grow my business as a health professional.

With Rachel's help I have created new offers, refreshed my messaging and developed a digital marketing strategy to target my audience that is personalised and authentic to myself. I’m so excited about where my business is going and now feel equipped with the tools to reach my goals.”

I’m so glad I joined Markerita and upgraded to the Spicy Markerita Experience because having someone in my corner to provide instant and personalised support was a game changer for my business.

“Prior to working with Rachel I felt lost and confused with how to take my business to the next level. I was seeing some result from what I was doing online but nothing that was sustainable long term.

This is what my clients have said

Christina Mollenhauer | Dietitian

I felt overwhelmed, confused and stuck as to where to turn next. This was taking up so much of my headspace that I was falling out of love with my work and was finding it really hard to see a long-term future with my business.

I decided to seek help and support and did so in the form of Rachel and Markerita, and I am so happy I did.

She really took the time to understand me, my business and how I work best. Not only has she been able to guide me through the practical aspects of the program, but she’s been such a cheerleader for me personally and has given me the confidence I was so greatly lacking.


I decided that if I was going to do this, I would go all in so I also signed up for the additional Spicy Markerita Experience. This was the best thing I did and the additional accountability, support, and feedback I got from Rachel on a one-to-one basis were invaluable. 

Since working with Rachel, my business income has gone up each month, and the difference between my income in August vs November is double! Things just seem to be getting much more consistent which is so exciting. 

"I decided to join Markerita because I was feeling at a complete standstill with my business. I had reached the point of it being a successful part-time job which was great, but I had no idea how to grow so I could step away from my other work and transition to working for myself full-time."

Holly Arnold | Nutritionist

I would recommend Rachel and her programs to anyone looking for hope, direction and support from someone who actually gets them and their unique healthcare business. She’s been such a blessing and I hope to continue working with her as my business grows.

The only thing you have to do is watch the Weeks One and Two lessons, attend the first two group coaching calls (or watch the recordings), and show me that you’ve done the corresponding homework.

My promise to you is: if you don’t feel like Markerita is giving you the knowledge, support and accountability you need to build a digital marketing system, then just email me by February 11, 2023 and I’ll give you your money back. 

A cashflow friendly payment plan

$870 AUD

3 Monthly Payments

most popular

Save up to $260 when you pay in full

$2500 AUD

One Time Payment

 best value

An economical payment plan

$460 AUD

6 Monthly Payments

start for less

“Sounds great, but I don’t have time for another course right now”

“Sounds great, but I don’t have time for another course right now”


This isn’t another course or program designed to bring more overwhelm to your business (and your life). It’s an experience designed to show you *how to attract your dream clients*, effortlessly create content with ease and implement a sustainable marketing system. Which means? You’ll never have to learn the how again. Simply repeat the framework over and over again. And the best part? You have lifetime access.

“I’ve done a marketing course before but I didn’t see any results”

“I’ve done a marketing course before but I didn’t see any results”


I’m sorry you didn’t receive the results you were looking for. This marketing experience is a little different. Not only will you learn how to build out your new profitable marketing-system, you’ll also have the ability to ask any questions during our time together so there’s no ‘waiting until the end, and I didn’t get results’ scenario. I guarantee by the end of the course you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

“How is Markerita different from Gramtini?”

“How is Markerita different from Gramtini?”


“I’d love to join but it’s a little out of my budget...”

“I’d love to join but it’s a little out of my budget...”


I offer a number of payment plans to help you effortlessly pay for your Markerita experience in breezy monthly payments. Simply, select your preferred payment plan at checkout and split your course investment over three or six months.

Should you require a longer payment plan term, please get in touch via email at

"When does the course start and end?"

"When does the course start and end?"


Markerita kicks off on Sunday, January 29 - Friday, April 21, 2023. 

With that being said, you will receive lifetime access to all of the course content meaning that you can work through the course at your own pace if preferred.

"What happens if I can’t attend the live group coaching calls?"

"What happens if I can’t attend the live group coaching calls?"


Not to worry. All of the group coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded into the course portal for you to watch (or re watch) at a time that suits you. Should you be unable to attend the coaching calls, you will not be disadvantaged as you'll be able to submit any questions or feedback requests prior to the live calls each week.

"Ok I've heard enough. Where do I join!?"

"Ok I've heard enough. Where do I join!?"