The Spritz

A three-in-one, signature-service, stirring strategy, brand and marketing to serve health brands a complete business transformation, on (and off)-line. 

The Spritz is a refreshing and zesty premium service for established health brands who are ready to grow their online presence and their offline business.

With the support of a strategic and supportive spritzer working in your business for eight-weeks, we will stir bitter (read: better) branding, strategic messaging and on-brand marketing into your business to serve transformation, success and cult-status. 

If you’ve taken a sip into the online world and you're not getting the results you’d like, are feeling intimidated by the new generation of health professionals and are wondering how you’ll stay relevant online, while growing your business offline, too? You’re in the right place, and I’d love to show you how refreshingly simple a business transformation can be when you have an *effective strategy* in place. 

Think: Increased discoverability, more website traffic and conversions, engaged email subscribers and social media followers (read: fans), more bookings than you’ve ever had and a whole lot more profit in your pocket. 

What does a serving of transformation into your business look like?

Are you thirsty for The Spritz?

I see you, *established health brand*. You’ve built a business by doing great work, getting to where you are today by serving your clients (before your business) well. 

You just need someone to show you the way.

A professional spritzer who knows just how to mix brand, marketing and strategy to serve transformation, cult-status and success into your business. 

Sound familiar? If you are an established health brand who has grown organically offline and is now ready to conquer the online world to continue that growth, except you have no idea where to start, what to do or where to go? You can now relax because you’re exactly where you need to be. 

Take a seat and I'll grab you a drink.

I won’t just show you the way - I’ll do the hard stuff for you.

I'll create the brand that completely re-positions your business for the success you’ve been hoping for. The strategy that positions you *way* ahead of your competitors and a sustainable marketing system that shows you just how refreshingly simple it is to market your business online, over and over again. 

Meet the



Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll get up to. 

Stirring my success system of Strategy, Brand & Marketing to revolutionise your health brand online in just eight-weeks

1. Strategy

2. Brand

3. Marketing

Uncover your unique point of difference and develop the strategic messaging by which you will communicate your value so that you can stand out and grow your brand, with a strategic plan.

Build a bitter (read: better) visual brand identity to reposition your health brand online and reach the status of cult health brand in no time.

Drive the right people to your brand through on-brand marketing that converts cult-followers into more clients, more impact and more profit in your pocket.

Audit of Current Digital Marketing Ecosystem

inclusive of:

Creative Direction
Primary Logo
Secondary logo
Brand Mark
Colour Palette
Brand Pattern
Instagram Templates

inclusive of:

Brand Vision & Mission
Brand Values
Brand Personality
Tone of Voice
Ideal Customer Profile
Offer Suite Overview
Brand Positioning
Strategic Messaging
Unique Selling Proposition
Customer Experience & Retention Strategies
Brand Wordbank

inclusive of:

Plus! Your choice of additional brand collateral

Website Strategy (Inclusive of Audit and Proposed Architecture)

Email Marketing Strategy (Inclusive of Lead Magnet and Email Funnels)

Content Marketing Strategy (Inclusive of Strategic Content Ideas)

Marketing System Recommendations

Not only will you walk away with a complete brand, business and marketing transformation, 

but you will also have my full-support *spritzing* strategy into your business throughout the whole eight-weeks, stirring your success with you every-step of the way. 

A premium,

*spritzed* with fun, strategy, and transformation to revolutionise online business success for established health brands.

In a way that hasn't been done before.

ABOUT your spritzer

Hey, I'm Rachel

The online marketing expert and go-to spritzer you've been searching for.

Also? Digital marketing strategist for health professionals who are ready to market their business online and grow their brand, in their own way.

I believe discovering your unique twist and serving it to your clients is and always will be your greatest marketing asset and I’m here to help you do just that.

The magic ingredient to my success since becoming an online strategist? Developing a sustainable success system combining brand, strategy and marketing that's revolutionised the way I work, and how my clients work, too. The result? More profit in my pocket.

I'd love to help you achieve the same.

If you're ready to take your health brand online I’d love to spend the next eight-weeks showing you how refreshingly simple, easy and effective it can be.

I'll support you all the way, one Spritz at a time.

Ready for The Spritz? Let’s do it.

Get in Touch

Get in touch to book a call with me to discuss how The Spritz could help to transform your business, brand and marketing. 


Imagine taking your health business online and...

Showcasing a visual and verbal brand that simply and clearly articulates the work you do and gets you noticed online (ahead of your competitors).

Welcoming dream clients into your books, who are aligned and love what you do.

Having a sustainable success system so that you can market and grow your business effortlessly for years to come, achieving long-lasting impact and results.
Plus? A whole lot more profit in your pocket and a business that's revolutionised for the future of the health industry.

When I’m your strategic spritzer, you’ll be achieving this and a whole lot more in eight-short weeks. 

Fancy a garnish?

Whether you’re a Watermelon spritz or more of a traditional Aperol (that's my favourite!), a Spritz garnish is an implementation service to put your new strategy into action, so that you don't have to.

The Spritz has everything you need to thrive online, a little like an Aperol has all the ingredients for a refreshingly tasty cocktail. But when you add the perfect garnish (an orange slice is my favourite), it makes a world of difference. Because a strategy without implementation is like a cocktail without a garnish, and I know you don’t want that.

So, if you need help putting your new strategy into action as well, then consider it covered.