Learn the irresistible insta-loving framework you need to create a profitable Instagram page and thrive online as a health professional.

Fall *in-love* with Instagram all over again 


One irresistible Instagram page added to the menu

Discover the 3 must-have secrets holding you back from creating an irresistibly profitable Instagram page, including how to grow your audience and create more purposeful and profitable content - even if you have no idea how to master the perfect reel, are overwhelmed by the algorithm and are simply just *over it* with #zeroenergy to grow your page. 

It’s time to really love Instagram again and attract fans and brands who love what you do. 

Martini glass, ready
Ingredients, shaken
Success, served.

Are you ready?

are you ready to go from insta-loather to insta-lover?

Stir away the sour rumours that Instagram is dead (it’s not), it’s too hard to stand out, you're never going to get the hang of reels or you need a big following to monetise your page. Instead? Discover how to make the new Instagram work for you, leaving your business spilling with more content (that actually converts), more people and a whole lot more profit.

The 6 martini-myths holding you back from creating an irresistibly profitable Instagram page.

in this martini gram-date, you'll discover:

Shake up your brand (and what makes you unique), get ready to twist off the lid and pour strategic-niched-purposeful content onto the #gram to maintain consistent growth and monetise your Instagram page like a pro.

How to grow your audience from 0 to 10k - fans, brands and clients who are ready to work with you.

Learn the exact steps that won insta over for me (and my *dreamy* clients) aka the only insta-loving framework you need to achieve irresistible success on the #gram that will love you right back and pour a whole lot of cash into your business.

Spilled: The 3 steps to create more purpose, people and profit in your business using Instagram.

You have no idea how to create content *your people* want to see, and the words profitable Instagram page seem (read: feel) impossible, while you watch competitors, brands and *insert everyone* you follow on the #gram growing and thriving online. 

Right now Instagram feels frustrating, overwhelming and time-consuming and success feels way out of reach.

(drinks martini instead)

You don’t know what you’re doing wrong and wish you had the magic ingredient to get there.

You’re thinking, “What if I create a reel, share a post or show my face on stories and nobody sees it?”

Or worse, what if they see it and don’t engage - what’s the point?

You have no idea what to do to change your Instagram-status and make your effort worthwhile?

Good news, health professionals! This FREE DATE WITH THE NEW GRAM has been created just for you!

Lydia Taylor | Nutritionist

"Before working with Rachel I was in a bit of a slump and truly thought about throwing it all away. Since working with her, the engagement from my online community has increased by 50%! I now feel encouraged, confident and excited for the months ahead".

50% increase in engagement

Chelsea Swan | Chiropractor

"I knew that I could be doing a better job of growing my business but I just didn't know how to get there. I now have a content strategy that drives engagement with my community - I am so grateful to Rachel for that."

A content strategy that drives engagement

Solaine Douglas | Nutritionist

"Rachel has helped me to feel confident with content creation. After implementing my new strategy in April, I saw a big jump in 1:1 clients coming from Instagram, resulting in an additional $6000 in revenue that month"

Additional $6000 in revenue

real results from real clients

it's time to fall in love with instagram all over again!

You’ve tried all the content, all the strategies and you’ve even *painfully* created a reel because you thought you had to. In this gram-date you will learn that you’ve been doing it the hard way this whole time and discover there is an easier, simpler way to achieve profitable, Instagram success. 

pour a drink and pull up a seat if you:

Are a thirsty health professional who has fallen out of love with Instagram 

Think fans are reserved for the insta-famous, celebrities only? Consider this date a lesson in finding your people, aligning with brands and monetising your Instagram page with opportunities that light you up and your DMs.

Want to attract fans, brands and dreamy people (read: clients) who love what you do

Spoiler alert? The secret to falling *in-love* with Instagram all over again is having an insta-loving framework that’s compatible with the platform, the health industry and your brand. And I'll show you exactly how.

Are ready to go from Insta-loather to insta-lover and make more profit from your page

And, I’m here to help you fall in love with Instagram all over again so that you can achieve the same!

Attract my dream clients and build a community of loyal customers who I absolutely *adore*

Grow my business and successfully launch a chart-topping podcast
Sell my courses, products and services to *my people*

Collaborate with brands, experts and media who value the work I do

Position myself as the go-to expert for health professionals in my field

Double my revenue doing work I love

Enjoy ease and flow in my business

Connect with so many wonderful humans and online business friends who love a cocktail as much as I do.

Instagram has allowed me to:

I believe discovering your unique twist and serving it to your clients is and always will be your greatest marketing asset and I’m here to help you do just that. 
The magic ingredient to my success since becoming a digital marketing strategist? Developing a profitable and irresistible Instagram page, and falling *in love* with the platform because to this day, Instagram has been the greatest asset in building my brand. And the best bit? It’s easier than you think. 

Instagram-lover, martini stirrer and nutrition professional turned digital marketing strategist for health professionals who are ready to market their business online and grow their brand - in their own way.

Hey, I'm Rachel.