Learn the exact steps to build a digital marketing system that makes creating content and converting clients consistently a breeze - even if you have zero marketing experience, feel overwhelmed by the digital landscape or just have no idea where to start!

Happy Hour - with a twist!

Free marketing masterclass for health professionals

Your business isn’t growing as smoothly as you would like, and that magic word called profit seems very out of reach.

You're creating content on the fly with no strategy or plan to guide you *reaches for drink and hopes your dream clients find you instead*

You want to attract more of your dream clients and for your marketing to feel more like a cocktail and less like a shot of vodka - and be the expert health professional they think of and go to without hesitation.


Shake your cocktail and pour your drink. The ultimate recipe for profitable success is just one sip away!

Great news - this Happy Hour has been created just for you!

Marketing your business online doesn’t have to be #facepalm hard. Pour out the sour marketing habits you’ve picked up on Google and learn how to add in a few shots of strategic action to grow your business - in your own way.

pull up a seat at the bar and learn...

The 3 marketing mistakes that are preventing your business from growing

Forget everything you think you know about content creation and get ready to steal my marketing recipe so your dream clients know just where to find you, and your inbox is constantly pinging with new enquiries.

How to create content that actually attracts your *dream clients* 

Learn the exact steps I have used to build a modern marketing cocktail that consistently attracts and converts *dream clients* like a breeze and sets your business up for profitable success.

The 3 must-have ingredients for a sustainable modern-marketing system

Madison Sanford | Dietitian

"Just a message to say that I now have 55 subscribers on my email list (half coming from my lead magnet), 1000 followers on Instagram and I made $2000 in my first month of business (working part time). Exciting to reflect on!"

$2K generated in her first month of business

Penny Blunden | Paediatric Nurse

"I created a post after our coaching call using some of the ideas we spoke about in the back of my mind. Within an hour I sold four courses! So it seems your methods are amazeballs!"

Four courses sold within an hour of posting on Instagram

Holly Arnold | Nutritionist

“Since working with you, my business revenue has increased each month, and the difference in my income between August and November is double! Things just seem to be getting so much more consistent which is so exciting”

Revenue doubled in just three months!

real results from real clients

Whether you’ve tried your hand at marketing or this is the taste-tester to DIYing your first marketing plan, this Happy Hour will show you how to market your brand online with ease.

pour a drink and pull up a seat if:

You want to make 2023 your most profitable in business to date and make more money doing work that you love.

You’re ready to uplevel your marketing beyond social media and gain the clarity, confidence and know-how to build a profitable brand that’s tastier than a spicy margarita.

You want to get serious about growing your business, in a way that feels good to you

Spoiler alert: the secret to building a digital marketing system that consistently attracts and converts *dream clients* starts with uncovering your own unique twist (I’ll show you how!) 

You’re ready to implement a sustainable digital marketing system that consistently attracts and converts your *dream clients*

Just like a cocktail, I believe that every health professional has their own unique twist. And I’m here to help you discover yours.

I’ve helped hundreds of health professionals *just like you* market their brands online with ease and build profitable and sustainable businesses they genuinely love.

In this happy hour, we’ll uncover exactly what it takes to build a sustainable digital marketing system that attracts your dream clientS, over and over again.

So, pour a drink and grab a seat. It’s time to taste your new marketing cocktail. 

See you at the bar!

Margarita enthusiast and digital marketing strategist for health professionals who are ready to market their business online and grow their brand - in their own way.

Hey, I'm Rachel.