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How I landed a $14K brand collaboration

Yes, it is possible to land a $14K brand collaboration! Collaborating with reputable brands is a great way to generate additional income in your business. In a five-month period (October – February), I earnt $18K from brand collaborations alone whilst working only one day a week in my business. Now I don’t want to mislead […]

How I landed a $14K brand collaboration



Increased audience growth is a goal that everyone desires to achieve on Instagram, myself included, so much so that brand’s develop growth strategies to help them achieve this. There are many different strategies and ways that a brand can gain audience growth on Instagram, however some strategies work better than others. Let me share with […]

The growth strategy that got me blocked on Instagram for a year

Are you ready to reach more people and have a greater impact within your business than you are right now? It’s very easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the number of followers you’re gaining and losing on Instagram, but the engagement of your audience far outweighs any number that sits on the […]

3 Strategies to sky-rocket your engagement on Instagram



If you’re reading this, then my guess is that you have a goal to generate more audience growth on Instagram, improve the engagement you’re getting on your content and turn your followers into paying clients. Perhaps you’ve tried a few different strategies but the results are not as great as you’d like. I get it, […]

3 common mistakes that are preventing your Instagram audience from growing

Bigger audiences on Instagram do not translate to more conversions within a business.  It is not uncommon for business owners to believe that having a larger audience on Instagram will result in making more money within their business.  However, this just isn’t the case.  Small audiences are powerful. The purpose of this blog is to […]

The advantages of having a small audience on Instagram



Do you feel like you are doing all the right things on Instagram, but still aren’t seeing results in your business? If you are posting on Instagram without a strategy, then keep reading. Because you are one of the many people that are making the biggest mistake I see business owners make on Instagram. In […]

The biggest mistake that business owners make on Instagram. Are you making it too?

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