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Domino Puttick is a Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Founder of Evolve Fitness and Nutrition. Dom embodies what having a lifestyle business is all about as she has been working online and exploring the world since mid-2020. Not only does she help her clients achieve their exercise and nutrition goals, but she also acts as an […]

Running a business whilst travelling the world. The reality of building a profitable lifestyle business with Domino Puttick of Evolve Fitness and Nutrition 



Tegan Boorman is a lawyer and the Founder of Social Law Co., a law firm that provides legal services related to social media, collaborations, professional services, apps and online business. Tegan regularly advises PR and influencer marketing agencies, influencers and brands on their commercial agreements and legal compliance so there really is no better person […]

The legalities of working with brands as a health professional on social media with Tegan Boorman of Social Law Co.

Jessie Ginsburg and Chris Wenger are Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) who are prominent thought leaders in their field. Jessie is a sensory integration trained SLP, the CEO of Pediatric Therapy Playhouse and the founder of Global Inside Out Sensory Certificate Programs. Chris is an enthusiastic school based SLP, an internationally acclaimed presenter and the creator […]

Leading change in healthcare through the power of social media Jessie Ginsburg and Chris Weyner



Morgan Spencer is a PR Strategist, Brand Amplifier, espresso martini lover and Founder of Martini Mondays. Morgan is best known as the go-to hype girl on Instagram and has a true passion for helping experts and brands become extraordinary. By adding her touch of ‘extra’ in everything she does, Morgan weaves her ideas to create […]

How to master your mindset and develop an expert message to stand out as a health professional with PR Strategist Morgan Spencer

The 3 things I would do differently if I started my business again

“What would you do differently if you were to start your business all over again today?” This is a question that I am often asked by health professionals within my community. Truth be told, the growth strategies I implemented to build my business 18 months ago aren’t necessarily the same strategies that I would implement […]

The 3 things I would do differently if I started my business again today


What is the difference between free and paid content?


Many health professionals struggle to know just how much free content they should be sharing through their online channels. It’s common to feel concerns around the amount of content that you share for free and worry that it may become more difficult for your audience to purchase your paid offerings in the future.  Here, I […]

What is the difference between free and paid content?

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